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7 DAYS products allow you to help your family, friends & loved ones find a job.

You can help friends, family, and students find a job by giving them this thoughtful gift. Help them become motivated. Help them calm their fears. Help them make plan, stay focused and be organized. Today’s tight job market requires special job search skills. Learn how to discover where the jobs really are.

Your generous gift will help family and friends land a job. Human resource directors, employment agencies, and Department of Labor personnel all say that Robert Burton’s 7 Days to Your Next Job is one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you can give someone who needs a job.
100 pages packed with the unchanging principles and a step by step guide for every job search including:

  • The #1 source of unpublished job openings.
  • Getting rid of fear.
  • Mental and physical preparation.
  • What interviewers are looking for.
  • How to get through to decision makers.
  • Interview tips.
  • The art of the follow-through.
  • Networking made easier.
  • Tell me about yourself – your phone resume.
  • Handling objections.
  • Staying positive.